I hold a Norwegian passport, but consider myself a global citizen. With China playing a central role for global development in the coming years (economic growth, climate change, digital innovation etc), I have dedicated myself to building bridges of understanding between China and the West. 

I hold a Master of economic and business administration from Norwegian School of Economics (Siviløkonom, NHH) and University of St Gallen. Before engaging full time with China, I worked in management consulting, Telenor and Norfund. 

I speak and read Chinese at intermediate level (still studying every day), is a Chinese tea enthusiast and train kung fu. 


How I build bridges

Keynote presentations

On a number of China related topics: Sustainability, New Retail, digital payments, business environment etc. For online presentations I often tailor make videos from various locations in China.

Consulting services

General market research for companies considering the China market.

In China support

Company visits, product testing, filming etc. for clients who can not travel to China.

Partner introduction

Helping clients find the right marketing company, local recruiter, legal support etc. for China projects.



Many misunderstandings about Chinese business and development stem from lack of understanding of a culture which is greatly different from that in the "West". I strive to continuously develop my understanding of Chinese history, language, and cultural treasures of China - such as their tea and kung fu. In all work for clients I cover relevant cultural elements to increase understanding of market dynamics, people behaviour and management practices etc.


Alexander Haneng, Norwegian Post

Heidi is a regular guest on my leadership podcast, and she always shares new and interesting insights about the Chinese market when it comes to trends, innovation and culture.